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Ear Phonics: The Only Method To "Train Your Ear" So You Can Listen to a Song and Play It Right Away 
Hey, Neil here. 

Do you ever listen to a song and think to yourself, "I would LOVE to be able to pick up a guitar and quickly figure out how to play it myself WITHOUT having to get a teacher or spend hours searching through tabs?"

Do you envy those guitar players who can hear a song and just "know" how to play it within minutes?

Have you ever wondered why it's so challenging to see progress or get big results despite years of strumming chords and playing?

Then listen closely because...

I'm sharing with you something that's NEVER been taught. 

The truth is, it's not that difficult to be able to hear a song and immediately know how to play it...if you have the right tools.

And it doesn't matter if you are just starting out at guitar (if you're a beginner this will develop an amazing foundation for you) or a seasoned veteran, this method trains your ear to listen in a different way that allows you to essentially teach yourself any level of guitar, simply by listening.

Think of it as a "secret hack" to quickly learning a new language - the language of MUSIC.

I have helped literally thousands of people learn to "understand" the language of music within weeks to the point where they can hear any song and moments later be playing it on their guitar.

The problem is, you've been learning to play with your EYES and not your EARS.

But the truth is, guitar is meant to be learnt by LISTENING, and when you use my Ear Phonics techniques to train your ear to listen correctly, your learning curve will increase by 10x!

I know that might seem impossible, but think about it for a moment.  Why are we READING tabs or WATCHING people play to learn a skill that is purely auditory?  Sure tabs and teachers can help, but your learning should be based on LISTENING and PLAYING.

In fact, a lot of guitar teachers would be put out of business if most people knew the Ear Phonics method because once you know this method, it essentially makes you self sufficient and allows you to teach any song to yourself.

And I promise you, mastering Ear Phonics and going from where you are now, to being able to hear a song and moments later, rock out on it on guitar, is NOT that difficult.

Even though learning Ear Phonics is like learning another language, it's actually so much easier. Why?  Because in music and guitar, there are a finite number of notes, chords, frets, and strings.

Rather than learning tens of thousands of words, you'll only need to recognize a handful of notes and chords.  

And most songs have less than five chords which is why Ear Phonics helps you play songs you hear so quickly!

Now let me ask you an important question... 

Do you ever get frustrated searching for tabs or videos of your favorite songs, trying to figure out how to play them?

Do you get overwhelmed with some songs thinking, "I will never be good enough to play this?"

You look at the tabs and/or the video, then look at your hands, trying to get your fingers in just the right place while strumming at just the right time... then look back at the video or tabs, then back to your hands, etc, etc, etc.

It's a frustrating, helpless process that is simply inefficient and leaves you feeling discouraged.

Does this sound familiar to you? 

Well, I want you to know something... 

You are not alone!

If you are anything like most people, you have probably tried expensive guitar lessons, YouTube videos, boring exercises, and hours of practicing looking at tabs without seeing much result. 

And, if you are anything like most people, you're sick of spending so much time and money on what feels like rolling a boulder uphill. You may even be wondering if you are too old to become the type of guitar player that you aspire to be. 

I promise you, yes... it’s absolutely possible, but you’re going to need to take a different approach, and when you do, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you'll improve and how easily you'll be able to play any song you hear!

Ear Phonics is THE secret to accelerate your guitar playing...


Here's how it works:

Ear Phonics is my patented method to training your ear to listen to songs in a different way...a way in which you will intuitively know what notes and chords are being played.

Now the second part of Ear Phonics is taking what you hear and putting it to the guitar...don't worry...I have a special technique that makes this really easy as well!

Within days, you'll be listening to music differently.  You'll be hearing music the way some of the most famous guitar players and songwriters hear music and you'll appreciate it in a whole new way.

But more importantly, you'll be able to hear songs, pick up your guitar, and within minutes be playing the same song you just heard.  The same song that would've previously taken weeks to learn, you'll be able to figure out in minutes, and play like a pro! 

Your friends will be knocked off of their feet.  

This secret method, the one I'm about to share with you, will literally transform your guitar playing overnight! 

And now for the first time, I've put this method together for you to learn.

Ear Phonics: Neil Hogan's proven method that teaches you how to easily train your ear to perfectly play ANY song you hear…WITHOUT a teacher or tabs."

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You can learn to play some pretty amazing guitar if you spend hours pouring over tabs and instructional videos, and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on lessons.


You can learn the Ear Phonics method, which allows you to learn 10 times faster, without having to spend hours looking at tabs or watching videos, and saves you the cost of an instructor since you'll be able to teach yourself...all with a 100% guarantee. (Try asking your local shop owner for your money back after a year and see what he/she says...)

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